"We are proud to know that one of the main items and more from our e-commerce is brazilian. As Guisa Pet houses are among the TOP 5 sales SMARTPET.com.br since inicaimos our partnership. The Guise Pet besides manufacturing an innovative product, did not give up quality, excellent workmanship and good taste. As a main leading e-commerces Brazil's PET business, the SMARTPET.com.br also highlights the seriousness logistics for delivery the products in our center Distribuition. We are eager to embrace new productos."

A.A. - SMARTPET.com.br

"I want to display a photo of my baby in her Dog Cave."



"I’ve bought a pink Dog cave to my Yorkshire called Pedrita. She is super happy and so am I. Also we are waiting for bigger models"

A. C

"High quality website and goods. Customer service is also great. Loads of success in your business"


"Loved it all. Now you just need to make other useful products with the same original, funky and decorative approach"


"I think Guisapet Beds are so cool compared to other beds on the market. Also, cute and modern. I want to buy for my Maltese Dog. Could you make these beds for dogs over 8 Kg? It would be interesting and more people would buy it. I love it so much. I’m already searching where to buy it"


"I loved them all and, I think they are better than the beds made of fabric. It is a brilliant idea"


"The beds are really beautiful. We have bought a White Cat Cave for a female cat and a Monster Cave for our male cat. Very cool. Also, the quality is exceptionally good"


"It is the first time I have come across such product. I love my pets, and I always offer them the best, the most comfortable and the coolest. Well done for your idea and input"

V. L.

"I’ve bought one for my female cat, and it is not only great for her, but it also looks great in my lounge. Now I want a Dog one. Well done for this fabulous idea"


"We have sold a total of 40 units in our shop and our customer are posting photos of their cats on Facebook. By the way, my cats were fighting yesterday to see who would sleep inside the Monster Cave. It is incredible, the bed is not only cute, but it also works. Thanks for the recommendation. We are tremendously happy with the business so far"


"My cat called Guadalupe and I love the Monster Cave. It has a funky design, and it is cosy and durable. It brought  charm to my house. We are very happy. Thank you"

F. F.

"I’ve bought two beds, one white and the other purple. They are amazing and comfortable. It looks fantastic in my lounge and bedroom"

A. R. O.

"Your products are great, loved them all. I just would like to ask if you could make in pink, blue and red colours"


"Congratulations for your idea and they are selling fast where I live. I wish you: loads of success and new business to you, guys. Are there new products coming soon?”"


"Design, functionality and originality. These are the essential qualities of Guisapet beds. Guisapet uses the best materials that bring comfort to our pets. It is also durable and practical. Well done Guisapet team"


"Great alternative to pet beds. This is what was missing in the current market, going beyond the conventional products, bringing a new concept of beauty and comfort"

V. K.

"Well done! The Guisapet beds are so original, practical and designed with taste"


"Loved them. Not only comfortable to my kitten but it has a stylish design and looks lovely in my lounge"

M. Z. T.



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